Recent Before & After Photos

Clean Up Before a Move In Stotville, NY

Here we have a room in an apartment that was left in somewhat decent condition to the naked eye.  Besides the stain in the carpet that you see in our befor... READ MORE

Mitigating a Water Loss in Hillsdale, NY

Here we had a sewage back up in Columbia County residential home that took place in the town of Hillsdale New York.  When we arrived there was a ... READ MORE

A Burst Pipe in Roxbury, NY

Upstate New York is a common place for seasonal homeowners to buy vacation homes.  In this case, we have a seasonal home in Roxbury, New York Delaware Coun... READ MORE

Major Cleanup in Round Top, NY

In the summer of 2015, SERVPRO was called to a Greene County home in Round Top because of a strong human feces odor.  Upon arrival we quickly realized... READ MORE

Flooding in Craryville, NY

We were called to a basement flooding in Craryville in Columbia County.  When we arrived there was six inches of water in the basement which was seepi... READ MORE

Chimney Fire

During February 2016, there was an unfortunate fire.  A chimney fire caused severe damage to two bedrooms in there ranch style home, and ext... READ MORE

Flooded Bedroom in Catskill, NY

This was a downstairs bedroom in Catskill New York that had a pipe freeze above the room.  The water poured from the ceiling for a coup... READ MORE

Cleaning Job in Shandaken, NY

SERVPRO was called to a home by the owner who was renting the home to some tenants that had to be evicted.  The tenants had moved out b... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Woodstock, NY

A customer in the Ulster County town of Woodstock, NY had a furnace puff back causing soot damage to all the walls and ceilings in her home.   SE... READ MORE